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Biosecurity SOP - Information & Assistance
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Biosecurity SOPs for the ULiège Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

SOP: Standard Operating Procedures

This site is the result of a partnership between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Biosecurity Unit and the Multimedia Workshop.

It is presented in the form of an illustrated manual of biosecurity procedures and is aimed at students and all potential visitors to the various clinics and 'high risk' areas (from a biosecurity point of view) in the Faculty.

Each member of the Faculty Biosecurity Unit has contributed to the overall structure of the website in his/her particular field of expertise:
- President: Claude Saegerman (DMI – Unit of Research in Epidemiology and Risk Analysis)
- Members :
- Invited :
  • Tatiana Art (Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Christine Grignet (SUPHT – ULiège Biosafety Officer)
  • Cécile Surleraux (SPMT-ARISTA, prevention adviser - occupational physician)
  • Etienne Thiry (DMI - Virology and President of the Biosafety Committee)
The following persons have also contributed to the website, in their respective field:
- Kris Gommeren (DCA – Clinic of companion animals)
- Frédéric Snaps then Géraldine Bolen and Valeria Busoni (DCA – Imagerie)
- Frédéric Rollin (DCP – clinic of ruminants)
- Marie-Athénaïs de Schaetzen and Ana Lúcia Baptista Rodrigues (DDA)
- Didier Marlier et Mihai Szalo (DCA – Clinic of birds, lagomorphs and new companion animals)
- Sigrid Grulke, Mireille Weber and Thomas Wislet (DCA – Equine clinic)
- Annick Gabriel and Elodie Nemery (DMP – Anatomy)
- Jean-Noël Duprez (DMI – Bacteriology)
- Françoise Maréchal (DMI – Parasitology)
- Axel Mauroy and Lorène Dams (DMI – Virology)

The English translation was made by Christine Bouvy and Phyllis Smith (ISLV - ULiège), then Marie-France Humblet which also handles the standardization, updating and correction of content.

Collecting information, development of the site and graphics and illustrations were carried out by Laurent Leinartz from the teaching support unit (ToolBox) in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

For students :

The online 'Biosecurity and good veterinary practices module (VETE2031-1), part of the “Veterinary Epidemiology, risk analysis, biosecurity and good veterinary practice” course (VETE2059-1), is closely linked to this site. It follows the same structure and each course chapter refers to the corresponding part of the practical manual.

In addition to the chapter in the syllabus, the link to the section in the manual and the various additional documents, a batch of five questions (multiple choice or true/false) drawn randomly from a stock of questions, is given at the end of each chapter, giving access to the next chapter.

Website access

For members of the Faculty community and all other visitors, access to the site is mainly through the Faculty site.