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Biosecurity in microbiology laboratory SOP

Introduction Parasitology practical works

BMV3 and GMV1

BMV3 Parasitology and Mycology practical works consist in the observation of microslides under the microscope. Students become familiar with the identification of several parasites and mycotic agents. This activity does not require any particular biosafety procedure nor the wearing of a personal protective equipment.


GMV2 activities consist in a paraclinic, where sampling modalities and diagnostic tools are tackled. “Coproscopy” practical works include the handling of faeces of several animal species. These activities take place in a biosafety level 2 laboratory (BSL2), in which biosafety rules are in force. Indeed, some pathogens manipulated can represent a zoonotic risk.

Observation of parasitic worms under the microscope

The following parasites are susceptible to be encountered: Toxoplasma gondii, Toxocara sp., Giardia sp. and Cryptosporidium sp..