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Biosecurity SOP for the imaging unit


Class 4 animals are generally examined in the isolation unit of the clinic of origin.

Companion animals may possibly come to the imaging unit for examination (parvovirus cases). The rules to be applied are the same as for class 3 patients (transport on a trolley or in a portable cage for cats and new companion animals)

Preparation procedure for equipment

All equipment will be provided on site except the portable X-ray and ultrasound machines.

Portable ultrasound machine. Portable X-ray equipment.


The behaviour to adopt is the same as in the class 4 unit of the respective clinic.

Exit procedures for equipment

Single-use equipment will be disposed of in the unit, whilst the non disposable equipment (ultrasonic probe, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected correctly before leaving the unit (power cords included). Everything that touched the ground or the animal in the unit should be cleaned and disinfected.


Management procedures of infectious patients, as well as cleansing/disinfection protocols for the pet clipper and the ultrasound probe are detailed in the appendices.